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Installing WordPress

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Why to use WordPress and the Process.

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Why Use WordPress

Why would someone use WordPress to support their site? Well, it has plenty of advantages over manually coding. For example, it saves time and it is easy to customize too! Instead of coding from scratch, you can use block elements and easy-to-access tools to customize your site.

Host and free installation.

Most of the time, people install WordPress while using a web host. It’s understandable why- its because it doesn’t take all that long to download.

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Host Installation Process

  1. Pick a host
  2. Once signed up, register a new domain
  3. Input personal data a finalize the purchase
  4. Complete

Once you have a host, WordPress will already have the option to be downloaded from it, all you have to do then is install it. However, don’t confuse it with or .com.

Installing Manually

Installing WordPress manually is a bit more complicated than the other options. However, it is perfect for local servers. Here’s a link on how to manually install WordPress.


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